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De Havilland Gin

De Havilland Gin is deeply satisfying
with a cool refreshing herbaceous
length and a subtle vanilla finish.


South African Buchu

The spirit of De Havilland Gin is deeply connected to the earth of two continents.

Inspired by the bravery and pioneering spirit of classic aviators, De Havilland Gin celebrates the best of the British and South African botanicals in a classic small batch London Dry Gin.

De Havilland is naturally derived from grain spirit with nine specially selected botanicals to create a fresh and fragrant flavour.

Each bottle of small-batch distilled gin is labelled with its own unique flight number and signed off with the pilot’s signature.


De Havilland Gin Bottle Marketing Photo


The de Havilland Comet leaving Heathrow

On the 2nd May, 1952 history was made when ‘Yoke Peter’ a De Havilland jetliner the DH106 took off from London to make the world’s first commercial jet flight to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our first flight of gin calls to mind the flavour and fragrance that those early aviators and their passengers would have experienced in 1952.

De Havilland brings together botanicals from the shores of England, and the high plains of the South African Highveld. The gin invokes that real sense of adventure and exploration into the unknown world, a feeling those early travellers would have experienced.

De Havilland DH-106 Comet 1

In celebration of the original
De Havilland pilots

We celebrate those first young aviators, the pioneers of flight chasing their dreams through the skies and boldly creating their own adventures into the unknown.

These fearless flyers kissed their loved ones goodbye, promising only to come home safely, leaving their families behind tucked up at home.

Greeted at the airfield by the smell of engine oil and fuel. The warmth of a flyer’s jacket tightly packed. Then an engine roars and up, up into soaring clouds, and brittle winds with only the moon and stars above them.

De Havilland Airline Pilots in Cabin

Guided only by their courage and tenacity, their wits and brains kept them in check. They landed into uncharted territory, on plains far away, with no lights to guide them. The first men to experience these faraway places, and bring all of us with them, in their dreams, and as their passengers, we saw the world unfurl, and those places we had only imagined became real.

Their legacy created a world where the next generation of flyers flew further, higher, and faster than ever before. Touching the void of space itself we build our dreams anew on the foundations of those first flyers. We honour their spirit, their bravery and their commitment to adventure.


The South African Highveld is a landmass plateau around 1500m above sea level.

Excellent for agriculture the fertile soils yield juicy versatile botanicals with a diverse flavour portfolio.

Meet the botanicals that we use to create De Havilland London dry gin.

South African Buchu

South African Buchu

A native South African shrub with rich leathery leaves. The plant is spicy, resembling black currant, but also with notes of rosemary and peppermint.

Lion’s Tail

Lion’s Tail

South African shrub of the mint family with vivid, dazzling orange flowers, reminiscent of Lion’s tails. Flavour is rich, spicy, and aromatic.

Honeybush Leaves

Honeybush leaves

The honeybush shrub owes its name to the honey fragranced, bright yellow blossoms. Commonly used to make herbal teas it is pleasantly sweet, aromatic and fuller-bodied.

Devil’s Claw

Devil’s Claw

A South African botanical traditionally used in gin to provide bitterness. It is also used as a herb medicinally.



Once distilled, angelica has an earthy flavour and is often compared to juniper. It is bitter and herby with nettle-like notes



British grown and uniquely fresh, fruity, green, and slightly floral with subtle pear, lychee and tropical notes.



Juniper provides the classic English gin character. It smells of pine, fresh, woodsy and green with a fruity citrus flavour and a hint of spice.



Mild, cool, clear and crisp with an earthier taste and texture derived from the fruit’s skin.

Orange Peel

Orange peel

Sharp, tangy and sweet. Sometimes notes of pomegranate and raspberry with a hint of bitterness.

De Havilland Gin

A smooth, velvety nose that is rich with juniper, aniseed, and tantalising spice. On the palate delicate citrus blossom (orange and lemon).

Sharp, tangy and sweet. Sometimes notes of pomegranate and raspberry with a hint of bitterness.